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FSMA presented a FREE 30-minute Webinar featuring guest speaker Shawn Walchef, Owner of Cali BBQ in San Diego. This free event, open to all industry members, provided tips and insights from a foodservice industry leader in digital marketing and smart phone storytelling.

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 FSMA is the only national trade association focused on Sales Agencies and their Manufacturer Clients.

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FSMA Legal Advocacy and Tools Available to Members

FSMA's role as the National Voice and Advocate for Sales Agency Members and their Clients is central to what FSMA is. There really is no greater member benefit. 

In simplest terms, Advocacy is the act of pleading for or arguing in favor of something or actively supporting a cause or proposalWe provide a variety of Legal Tools that will help you run your business legally and ethically, and most importantly, our tools protect your right to conduct business and earn a living without undue interference.

Members can access FSMA's 56-pg. Guide to Resolving Legal Issues for Sales Agencies here. This comprehensive Guide provides:

1 - The Industry Standard Contract and four Policy Statements including the latest on Ethical Obligations in Competition.
2 - Legal advice on various matters like getting changes to contracts, receiving compensation for preliminary marketing activities, conversions to house accounts and collecting past due commissions.
3 - Legal opinions on unauthorized deductions; post termination commissions and covenants not to compete; requests related to confidential information, and various Distributor demands including retail service requests.
4 - Documents for Agency use including NDAs or fake ids ; confidentiality & non-solicitation agreements, and manufacturer call report requests.
5 - Description of how FSMA advocates for Agencies and Manufacturers.

Members can access FSMA's 11-page Guide to Agency Mergers and Acquisitions here. This Guide includes info on:

1- An overview for buying and selling Agency businesses.

2- Valuation methodologies for Foodservice businesses.

3- Letters of Intent and MOU’s.

4- Pre-Negotiation Confidentiality Agreements.

5- Description of typical Agency Asset Purchase Agreement. 

If you'd like to learn more, contact Barry Maloney at 202-596-8112  or