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Jerry Campbell

Jerry is the Chairman of the Board and, in such capacity, is ex officio the President of FSMA. He is the CEO and founder of Affinity Group - Elite Associates, a west coast regional sales agency with best in class sales representatives.

After graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a BS degree in Sales and Marketing, Jerry started his career in the agency business with a small Southern California private label food broker.

From there he went to work at a large regional agency where he was promoted to a Group Vice President position managing 3 operating divisions including Foodservice.

In 1998 Jerry started Elite Associates, Inc. in a small Southern California office with just 6 employees. Today they enjoy business in 10 states with almost 120 highly trained sales professionals.

Jerry enjoys a very active life with his wife of 33 years, Kellie, and his two boys, Brady (29), currently an account executive at Elite Associates, and Cameron (28), an Elite Associates Operator Specialist.

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Barry Maloney

Barry is General Counsel, CFO, and Executive Director of FSMA. He is a CPA and the managing partner of the Washington, D.C. based law firm Maloney & Knox, PLLC. Barry was senior branch attorney at the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and special counsel to the U.S. Economic Stabilization Program during President Nixon's administration. He has provided legal counsel to FSMA and its predecessor organizations for over twenty years.

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John Krattenmaker

John is FSMA's Operations Manager. He has provided operations support to FSMA and its predecessor organizations for over twenty years. He is an accountant and operations manager at Maloney & Knox, PLLC.

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Arlene Murphy

Arlene Murphy

Arlene Murphy is our Director of Member Development. She focuses on recruiting new members to FSMA. Murphy spent many years in various sales & marketing roles with McCormick Foodservice and is well versed on foodservice issues important to manufacturers and sales agencies. 

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