Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association

Who Are We? An FSMA Overview


FSMA is a national voice and advocate for our members. We are experts on all things sales agency. And we are a community that networks and learns together!

Voice & Expertise & Community = FSMA 


For FSMA's first 10 years, we focused on raising the visibility and credibility of our members within the foodservice industry. Our primary mission was to be "The Voice of the Sales Agency Community".

Our second decade focused on helping our members to "Sell Better Together". We provided the resources and tools our members needed to enhance their trading relationships up and down the supply chain.

Now, as we navigate our third decade, our primary focus combines our past missions and our future mission. FSMA is focused on delivering a National Voice, Industry Expertise, and a Community in which our members can network and learn.


FSMA was incorporated in November 2003 by firms formerly associated with the International Foodservice Brokers Association/Association of Sales & Marketing Companies.

It's mission is to promote sales and marketing agencies as the preferred method for suppliers to come to market; to be the national voice of the sales agency community; to advocate on behalf of sales agency interests, and to enhance relationships among suppliers, agencies, customers and other key stakeholders.

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