Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association

FSMA Voice

FSMA Delivers a Powerful National Voice for its Members

There is no greater service FSMA provides to its members than a collective and national voice. FSMA provides industry standing and credibility for its members with clients and customers. Without FSMA, members would not have the strength or standing to influence positive industry change. Learn more about the importance of the FSMA National Voice by contacting Barry Maloney at 202-596-8112  or

Here are a few examples of FSMA's National Voice in Action

Distributor Confidentiality Agreements with Sales Agencies. FSMA can provide a legal review before you sign any document requested by a customer.

Learn how to understand these often-confusing customer agreements

Let FSMA review your Agency-Manufacturer Client contract. Take advantage of our 30+ years legal experience.

Proper Legal Review Essential First Step Before Signing

FSMA Legal Opinion Library. Let FSMA help you before you sign any legal document.

Member-Only Tools Minimize Legal Risks

Agency Management Success Factors. Follow these simple rules to agency management success.

Become the Principal/Client All Agencies Want to Represent

Questions? Contact Barry Maloney at 202-596-8112 or