Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association

Agency/Client Contract Reviews

Let FSMA Review Your Agency-Manufacturer Contract!

FSMA recommends that members not sign contracts offered by manufacturer clients until properly reviewed by FSMA legal counsel. 

This service can help eliminate unfair treatment or biased contracts. Each member is entitled to a share of FSMA legal counsel hours for free as part of their dues investment.

Questionable contracts should be submitted to FSMA for review. We will promptly and confidentially provide you with legal advice and contract language that complies with recommended industry standards.

Members may contact Barry Maloney at 202-596-8112  or for contract reviews. In addition, an industry standard contract template is available. Members can click the following links for FSMA's Industry Standard Recommended Contract or the FSMA Standard Short-Form Contract.

Manufacturer members may also contact FSMA for advice on how to write a proper and legally enforceable contract. 

FSMA General Counsel Barry Maloney can be reached at this link.